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Cumberland County Jail Community Corrections

The Community Corrections Center is a facility that houses up to 58 sentenced men and women who are within six months of release. Its goal is to assist inmates as they prepare for a successful release. Inmates at the Community Corrections Center participate in programs such as community service and work release. The programs are designed to gradually decrease the intensity of the supervision and structure imposed, while gradually increasing the offender's responsibility for self.

The release planning programs facilitate access to social service agencies and faith-based mentoring programs. Offenders are assisted with obtaining permanent housing, identification, paying fines/restitution, getting medical attention, and other treatment as necessary.


Work Release

The work release program is designed to improve the likelihood of successful re-entry into the community through a gradual readjustment from confinement to free actions on the part of the inmate. Inmates are able to be employed or attend school, allowing them to begin the process of self support and decision -making while still having the support of the correctional staff.

An impressively high number of individuals remain employed with the companies they began working for while in the program, well after release. If you are a business that is interested in supporting a second chance for a person reentering society, please contact Corrections Officer Hope Lanza or Corrections Officer Stephen Dahle. Or call the Community Corrections Center at (207) 774-5939 x2131.



Community Service Programs

The Community Service Program is another way that inmates can begin to integrate back into society as well as giving back to their community. With stringent qualification standards, inmates perform various labor related functions such as light carpentry, painting, general labor, and landscaping for Cumberland County non profit organizations.

When an non profit organization partners with the Community Service Program, they make positive changes in the lives of inmates by improving the individual's work ethic, self-esteem and allowing them a chance to give back to society. The Community Service Program inmates provide an average savings of $550,000 for the non profit organizations which they can return to the citizens they serve.

If you believe your non profit organization could benefit from the services of the Community Service Program Please contact Deputy Mary Sorrells, or Corrections Officer Rachel Welch. Or call the Community Corrections Center at (207) 774-5939 x2131.

CCSOFirst Offender OUI Program

The First Offender OUI (operating under the influence) Program is an alternative sentencing program that allows a person convicted of OUI (with no prior convictions) to be sentenced to participation in a weekend of substance abuse programs and community service in lieu of spending three days in jail. The convicted person, or inmate, must pre-register and pay a program fee. Inmates spend Friday evening through Sunday evening at a location where community service is needed such as a church or school. They work on substance abuse issues and perform community service to repay their debt to society. Community service projects include painting, clean-up, light maintenance, and other such tasks.

Staffed by Corrections Officers, inmates are strictly monitored, and are expected to fully participate in all aspects of the program. Inmates are educated on the consequences of their choice to consume controlled substances and then operate a motor vehicle. The goal is to help them change this behavior before any horrific event occurs.

For more information on the First Offender OUI Program contact Lieutenant Scott Jordan. Or call the Community Corrections Center at (207) 774-5939 x2131.