Sheriff Joyce

Sheriff Kevin J. Joyce
36 County Way
Portland, ME 04102

Emergency - 911


Sheriff's Administrative Office
(207)774-1444 x2115

Cumberland County Jail 

Anonymous Tip Line
(207)774-1444 x2208

Anonymous Tip Link
Click to report online


Cumberland County Sheriff's Office History

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office was founded in 1760, 60 years before Maine became a state. The position of Sheriff is elected by the people of Cumberland County for four year terms. Currently there have been 50 Sheriffs. The Sheriff is the highest elected law enforcement official in the county.

The agency has suffered two "in the line of duty" deaths in it's 253 years of service. Deputy Ebenezer Parker died in July of 1808 due to injuries he received while attempting to serve a warrant. After entering the suspects blacksmith shop, the suspect began to beat Deputy Parker on his head with a forge hammer. Deputy Parker succumbed to his injuries.

Deputy E. Dean Pray died August 20, 1940. He was making contact with a man that was suspected of creating a disturbance near an auto garage in North Windham. The man opened fire and shot Deputy Pray killing him.

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