Crime Scene Investigator


The Sheriff ’s Office Criminal Investigation Division’s (CID) primary function is to investigate criminal activity, arrest those responsible, thus bringing to justice suspects who have committed criminal acts within the jurisdiction of our county. Detectives receive extensive, specialized training in interviewing and interrogations, homicides, rapes, robberies, burglaries, and other criminal investigations.

There are 2 Crime Scene Investigators assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division. These deputies are trained in many aspects of crime scene investigations and processing. These techniques include blood stain pattern analysis, latent fingerprint processing, bullet trajectory, homicide investigations, and human remains recovery.

Seized Property

To recover property seized during an investigation, email Detective Keith Cook.

Firearm Permits

Persons interested in obtaining a firearms permit can visit the Maine State Police website for further information.

Crime Scene Investigation Division van parked in front of the Law Enforcement Center