Medical Unit

Armor Correctional Health Services, Inc.

The Medical Unit at the Cumberland County Jail provides medical services to inmates through Armor Correctional Health Services, Inc. A  24-hour onsite service, the Medical Unit provides inmates with physical, mental, and dental health care. Armor has been fulfilling the health care needs of correctional institutions since 2004. 

Prescription Medication Guidelines

Inmates that are on prescription medications prior to arriving at the Cumberland County Jail follow these guidelines:

  • All medication to be administered at the jail is delivered via a mail order pharmacy.
  • All medication will be verified through your pharmacy, and will be given to you as prescribed, and deemed necessary by your health care provider.
  • Know the name and the telephone number of your pharmacy.
  • Medication is provided by the medical unit, do not bring your prescription with you, unless:
  • No medications will be considered without an active prescription.
  • You have an unusual and/or rare prescription that is difficult to fill.
  • You will be in jail for 72 hours or less.

Release of Medical Inmate Medical Information

Due to the Health Information Privacy Act (HIPA) regulations, inmate medical information will not be released or discussed. If you have questions, please email the Health Services Administrator.