Inmates Visits


Visiting Inmates at the Cumberland County Jail will take place at the Jail (50 County Way). All visits are pre-scheduled, with no walk-ins. All Visitors must pass COVID-19 Screening (anyone not passing is not allowed in). Proof of vaccination is preferred but not required. One Visitor per inmate plus 1 child (age 5-17) allowed.

Inmate Visit Requests: requests are made via an online form. (see below) Visit requests will only be accepted on Mondays, and Tuesdays and until 12:00 PM on Wednesdays. You should receive a confirmation by the close of business on Thursday.  If you have issues or questions please call (207)245-3802. Provide Full Name (First, Middle, and Last) with Date of Birth and a callback number, drivers or state identification number. 

Take the time to read the rules provided by the link below to ensure that you are admitted. The visiting schedules for each location are linked below as well.


Jail: All Visitors are required to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled visit time with a valid photo ID. All Juveniles must be accompanied by a legal guardian. The legal guardian is required to provide a valid birth certificate for the juvenile that is accompanying them. Please read the full list of rules linked below to ensure admittance.

Visitors are required to read, and abide by the "Rules for Visitors". Visitors are expected to understand the rules and are to ask any questions prior to entering the secured area of the jail. Those not abiding by the rules may be promptly removed.

Former Inmates (of any correctional facility)/ Felons: If you have been incarcerated within the last 12 months, you are not eligible to visit an inmate at the Cumberland County Jail.

If you have been incarcerated in the past (more than 12 months ago), or are a convicted felon, consideration will be given to you in regards to visiting an inmate at the Cumberland County Jail. Complete Form F-154 A "Former Inmate/Felony Conviction Form Requesting to Visit (PDF)". Once completed, the form may be emailed to Executive Assistant William Prout, or sent to the Jail at 50 County Way, Portland, Maine 04102.

Allow two weeks for processing. The Cumberland County Jail reserves the right to refuse any potential visitor that is deemed to be a potential danger to the facility, or persons inside.


Visit requests will only be accepted on Mondays, and Tuesdays and until 12:00 PM on Wednesdays. 

Inmate Visit Request

  1. Inmate Visit Request Submittion
  2. Rules Regarding Juvenile

    Only (1) juvenile (Under 18), may attend a visit. The juvenile must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The juvenile's birth certificate and proof of guardianship must be provided at the time of check in. 

  3. *Must possess a valid driver's license or state ID to visit*
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               Visit Schedule and Rules


updated june 5, 2023

A Professional visitor is someone such as an attorney, doctor, or clergyman whose visit with an inmate involves the professional services offered by the visitor. Professional visits are offered via video or in person. An appointment is required which can be arranged by emailing:



1. To enter the secure facility a professional visit will be required to submit a photo ID card (preferably a driver’s license), or a professional identification card to the Lobby Officer. Upon signing the Visitor’s Log, the Professional Visitor will be issued a Visitor Pass which must be attached to their clothing near the chest/neck area, or on a lanyard. The Visitor’s Pass must remain on the visitor for the duration of the visit. Upon exiting the secured facility, the visitor’s identification will be returned upon return of the Visitor’s Pass.

2. Professional visitors will follow the same procedures outlined in the General Visitor Guidelines above.

3. Officers supervising visits from professionals will remain in the area, but out of earshot unless requested by the professional to remain in the interview area.



VIDEO- 8:45 AM TO 4:00 PM

IN PERSON- 8:45 AM TO 2:30 PM

Verify the location of the inmate that you are visiting.