P.A.T. Test - Corrections

The Physical Agility Test, or PAT is designed to give you an idea of the physical challenges you will face in Corrections.  Performed at the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, you will have a chance to work with our staff to understand the rigors of Corrections and test yourself and your ability at performing the critical tasked required.
Before you can perform the PAT, you must be cleared by a doctor and present to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office staff a signed Release for Agility Testing Form.

On the day of the test, be in the right frame of mind.  Although being fit is always a plus, your mind set can make or brake you on this.

There are four components to the test that you must master in order to move on to the next phases of hiring:

165 pound Dummy Drag for 50 feet.

Rapid Stair Climb and Decent.

4-foot Standing Wall Jump.

1.5 mile Run in 17 minutes.

dummy drag graphic
stair climb graphic
standing wall jump graphic
run graphic

Corrections can be a physically demanding job.  It is important that you are ready to perform all aspects of the job ensuring safety for yourself, your co-workers and those that are remanded to our custody.