Biography - Chief Deputy Naldo S. Gagnon

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Chief Deputy Gagnon began his law enforcement career at the Limestone Police Department in 1978.  Later he was hired by the Presque Isle Police Department as a Police Officer.  Here he had a distinguished career where he was promoted through the ranks from Patrol Officer, Sergeant, Deputy Chief and finally Chief of Police for 14 years.

Chief Deputy Gagnon is a Maine Criminal Justice Academy graduate, he is a graduate of the 205th session of the  F.B.I. National Academy and took many classes in Criminal Justice at the University of Maine, Presque Isle. Chief Deputy Gagnon has countless hours of training in such law enforcement topics as personnel management, diversity and law enforcement, domestic violence, and officer safety to name just a few.

An active member of the community, Chief Deputy Gagnon serves on the Blue Mass committee, is active with the Maine Municipal Association, a member of the American Jail Association, a member of the Maine Chiefs of Police and a member of the Maine Sheriffs' Association Chief Deputy branch.